Project Information

What is FancyFortunes?

FancyFortunes is a new NFT series on Cardano that features unique randomly generated fortunes. FancyFortunes Season 1 offers 16 different art pieces inspired by the Chinese Zodiac and the Legendary Four Guardians, 6 different backgrounds displaying famous locations in China, and 3 different frames that compliment each fortune. Each NFT features a combination of art, background, and frame. The art, backgrounds, and frames associated with FancyFortunes NFTs each have their own rarity. Rarity groups include common, uncommon, rare, and legendary. All FancyFortunes NFTs are completely unique in that each NFT has both a one-of-a-kind fortune and one-of-a-kind set of lucky numbers. When you possess a FancyFortune no one else will have one with your fortune or set of lucky numbers. Moreover, each NFT is indeed non-fungible with its own unique asset ID on the Cardano network. The policy ID for FancyFortunes is a66ae3debc862552f0f183f6bfa7d00b91aeb8c2fadad5ba6e89bf15. This is the ONLY policy under which FancyFortunes will be minted. Any NFTs claiming to be FancyFortunes that do not have this policy ID are fakes. FancyFortunes will be exclusively distributed on the Cardano network. Moreover, FancyFortunes uses the BlockFrost API for minting. We operate operate our own IPFS node to ensure that NFT images are available 24/7. There is a maximum mintage of 100,000 for Season 1.

Season 1 Specifications

  • 16 different art pieces (ranging from common to legendary)
  • 6 different backgrounds (ranging from common to rare)
  • 3 different frames (ranging from common to rare)
  • Unique randomly generated fortunes
  • Unique randomly generated lucky numbers
  • Maximum mintage of 100,000 FancyFortunes
  • Policy ID: a66ae3debc862552f0f183f6bfa7d00b91aeb8c2fadad5ba6e89bf15

Information About Copyright

You may notice that every FancyFortune NFT has a copyright notice by the series creator W.P. Vial (Tobias Fancee). The main purpose of this copyright notice is to deter pirates and scammers from using the FancyFortunes brand. Just like other NFTs and trading cards, anyone can freely buy, sell, and trade FancyFortunes NFTs. The art is copyrighted, not the NFT/token that is traded/sold. Moreover, anyone can freely display FancyFortunes art as long as it is not for commercial purposes. Feel free to display FancyFortunes art on social media in the form of posts, comments/replies, and profile pictures that are not being used for commercial purposes.