About Us

Tobias Fancee (@TobiasFancee/WPVial) – Lead Developer and Creator of FancyFortunes

Tobias became involved in cryptocurrencies in early 2018 after the start of crypto winter. Soon after discovering cryptocurrencies, Tobias found Cardano after doing extensive research on third generation cryptocurrencies and quickly became a community member on Twitter. Tobias founded and currently operates a Cardano stake pool called FanceePool, ticker: FANCY. In 2021, Tobias became involved in Cardano NFTs (CNFTs) and has worked nonstop this summer to create the brand new NFT series FancyFortunes.

Tala (@Tala0971) – Lead Artist for FancyFortunes

Tala is an up-and-coming digital artist/NFT artist. Tala became involved with crypto in 2020 and immediately fell in love with Cardano NFTs (CNFTs). Tala is currently in university, planning to become a professional artist. FancyFortunes is her first major project.

Contact Us

Twitter: @FancyFortuneNFT, @TobiasFancee, @Tala0971

Email: FancyFortune@gmail.com

Telegram: t.me/FancyFortunes